Welcome to YvonneElliman.com

Hi! Yvonne here.

I have finally decided to get involved with my fans, and the curious, by extending a welcoming hand to those who want to get up close and personal with me (the details of which will be explained by Vanessa, my brilliant and trusted web designer, social media coordinator, and friend), and by responding to questions and comments through the regular channels of communication (most of which I’m having to learn at ground level): Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s time that I correct the made up research that announces my ethnic background as being Irish/Korean, and then wrongly stating that, “my Dad taught me the piano”—what? Let’s put all of those conflicting bios and unsubstantiated interviews in the trash and instead, come and see me; let’s talk for real.

Here’s a little teaser: I was told something mind blowing about my ethnicity a 1/2 year ago. I sat there, speechless and fascinated, my mind spinning wildly, not knowing where it should land.

Now I’m not going to reveal this secret to the general public. However, if you book a visit with me, we could learn about each other, trade jokes, talk music, (no politics, please!), and you could find out what my big secret is! Ha! Life is so crazy good. If you think you’d enjoy sharing a little one on one time with me, or if you know of someone you’d like to gift me to, see below, where Vanessa will fill you in on the when and how this can be accomplished!

Sending warm Aloha, and much love,
Yvonne Elliman xo
November 2015


As part of the PledgeMusic pre-order campaign for the new SuperstarS documentary DVD, we are offering
a Skype call with Yvonne Elliman!
This call will take place during the week of Christmas, directly from Ms. Elliman’s recording studio in Hawaii. Pledgers will receive other goodies, as well!

Click here for details.